Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Minecraft SP Cracked Download

Been wanting to play Minecraft but you don't have money to buy it? Well, here's a solution.

Thanks to AnjoCaido, he has given us a chance to play Minecraft for free. But, I suggest you still buy the legit Minecraft game at and support the owners for their game.

Note: I had to rename the file because mediafire keeps on taking it down.

Anyways, here's the link:
MinecraftSPcrack Download Link

1. After downloading the file, Run MinecraftSP.exe.
2. If it displays an error, it's normal. Just restart the application.
3. When a "login" screen displays, tick/check the "Update" Button, don't forget to type in your desired in-game name.
4. Wait for it to finish patching.
5. ????

I do not, in any means own Minecraft. Minecraft belongs to Mojang and they have all the rights for it.

The Cracked version of Minecraft is illegal so I suggest you buy the legit Minecraft game.

By the way, there's a skin hosting app for cracked/non-legit users of Minecraft, it's called Mineshafter.

Here's the link to their website:
Mineshafter Appspot

And here's the instruction video on how to use Mineshafter:
Mineshafter Instruction Video

Happy gaming! <-- Links to


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